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Welcome to Simba Korup Camp - Cameroon


 The Korup ecological milieu is unique and the ecosystem relatively intact. Korup is certainly an invaluable hotspot for the conservation of plants and animals.

Korup is Africa’s oldest and most diverse rainforest. Established in 1986, Korup National Park covers an area of 1,260 km² between Mundemba and Eyumojock in the South West Province of Cameroon. More than 620 species of trees and shrubs and at least 480 species of herbs and climbers have so far been recorded. Korup is the single richest lowland site in Africa for birds (more than 400 species), herpetofauna (82 reptiles and 92 amphibians) and butterflies (around 1,000 species). There are in addition 130 different species of fish and more than 160 mammals. Many of them are endangered and some are found nowhere else on earth. 

 Korup is renowned for its wide range of unusual and colourful primates including a number of rare and endangered species such as the Mandrill, Chimpanzee and Red Colobus Monkey.  We know that you will agree that  Simba Korup is a very special place, and undoubtably raises the standard of luxurious accommodation in Cameroon. Call or Email us now to experience an unforgettable adventure in this wonderful jungle paradise.