Simba Safari Camps

Simba Air Services - New For 2009..!!


Simba Air Services.

Take a seat in one of our brand new fleet of chartered Safari planes.

Simba Air Services offers a shuttle service to its guests & passengers for a number of our exclusive destinations throughout the Simba network of Safari Camps in West Africa.

Our Airplanes.

Simba Air Services guarantees its guests safe air travel. All machines in our fleet are regularly maintained and are subject to the strictest safety criteria in accordance with national TCAA and international ICAO requirements.

An experienced team from pilots provides a safe and reliable stay on board of our airplanes. At the same time we reinvest all our resources to keep our planes reliable and pilots motivated.

Currently, our fleet includes Cessna 182 Sky Lane, Cessna TU 206 Sky Wagon and Cessna 404 Titan Courier.