Simba Safari Camps

Simba Safari Camps - Staff Profiles 


 Bernie Rhodes and his wife Gloria.

Bernie was born in Kenya, and has spent most his life on safari in Africa, climbing mountains, kayaking rivers and ballooning over the plains.
Bernie is the chief executive director of The Simba Safari Group, and is passionate about his role in arranging adventure safari.

Gloria was born in England, but emigrated with her family to Kenya when she was a young child. Gloria is a highly regarded photographer of African wildlife and her work has appeared in many books, magazines and galleries.


Doctor Lotta Goodbody - Cameroon. Lotta is our very own green goddess, and is the head of Simba Korup. A native of South Africa, Lotta is a fully qualified veternarian and has a fascinating indepth knowledge of Africa.  






Cicely Pless - Cameroon. Cicely has travelled extensively throughout the West African region, and can provide guests with an amazing insight into local customs. Cicely is now based at Simba Korup, and guests will find her to be extremely helpful to call upon with their safari arrangements.






Mandy Maguire  - Gambia. Mandy has recently passed her stage 1 veternary exams, entitling her to use the initials VPM after her name. We feel those initials more appropriately stand for Very Protective Mother, the mothing instinct is very strong in Mandy, as the animals and guests at Simba Kiang can testify. Mandy also has an extraordinary rapport with Africans, and will converse at great length on any given subject.




Joseph Bean - Gambia. Nobody knows the safari business like Jo does. He has forgotten more than most will ever learn about overland travel throughout the African continent. Jo is based at Simba Kiang and guests will soon find that Jo also has a very keen eye for exotic birds.





Persie Van Cloogie - Benin. Being on safari is an adventure, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. It is on these occasions when Persie provides the voice of reason and calms everybody down. Persie is also a wonderful cook and what she manages to do with a Christmas goat has to be seen to be believed.






Marvin Haytor - Benin. Marv has shown time and again how his unique style of creativity and resourcefulness is such an indespensible asset for a safari.  Just like Persie, Marv is also a marvellous chef. Chops are his speciality and they are justifiably, well renowned around these parts.





 Doctor Stefan Williams - Liberia. Known affectionately as Daktari, Stefan has an unequalled passion for the botany of the African wilderness. Be prepared to get your hands dirty as Daktari never misses an opportunity to have a rummage around the undergrowth. Guests at Simba Sapo Camp will discover a devilishly fruity sense of humour too.  





Red Hogan - Liberia. Red has an enthusiasm for safari that knows no bounds. Like many of his Australian countrymen he tackles life with gusto. You can be certain that a safari with Red will have you gripping the edge of your seat one minute, and will have you roaring with laughter the next. Guests at Simba Sapo Camp will have a safari to remember, and thats a guarantee.